Dryzone Hi-Lime Renovation Plaster 20KG


Dryzone Hi-Lime Renovation Plaster is a breathable plaster blend containing natural hydraulic lime and calcite. An environmentally friendly alternative to hard cement renders.

The highly effective and breathable renovation plaster has a porous structure which allows walls to dry out by evaporation, achieving a dry decorative surface.

  • Suitable for use with traditional plasters and older substrates
  • Controls dampness and salt migration
  • Insulating properties – warm to the touch
  • Can be used as a decorative finish
  • Breathable – allows wall to dry naturally
Dryzone Hi-Lime Renovation Plaster
Dryzone Hi-Lime Renovation Plaster 20KG 52.00

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Dryzone Hi-Lime Renovation Plaster

Dryzone Hi-Lime Renovation Plaster & other Dryzone Renovation Plasters are developed specifically for application to walls that have been treated for rising damp using either Dryzone Damp-Proofing Cream or Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rods.

Two different renovation plasters are available as part of the Dryzone System range:

  • Dryzone Damp-Resistant Plaster — This modern renovation plaster is designed to be highly resistant to both salt and damp transfer. The highly breathable and porous structure of the plaster allows for quick drying after the treatment of rising damp and will stop salt contamination from affecting the decorative surface.
  • Dryzone Hi-Lime Renovation Plaster — This formulation of plaster contains a higher proportion of natural hydraulic lime and calcite, making it appropriate for use in traditional and heritage buildings. The high breathability of the plaster makes for a quick-drying application and ensure moisture vapour flow through the wall is not impeded.

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