Roxil Patio Cream


Roxil Patio Cream is a water-proofing cream that protects paving from the elements, reduces biological growth and decreases the amount of maintenance required to keep your patio looking clean and pristine. A single coat will last up to 10 years and reduce the requirement to pressure wash which can erode the substrate and damage jointing.

  • Weatherproofs masonry, patios, paving slabs, flagstones and block paving
  • Helps protect against moss and algae
  • Retains natural appearance of the surface
  • Penetrates deeply for long lifetime (lasts 10+ years)
  • Single coat application
Roxil Patio Cream 3L & 5L - Toner Dampproofing Supplies Ltd
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Roxil Patio Cream

Roxil Patio Cream is a silicone cream emulsion that lasts 10+ years and weatherproofs patios and paved surfaces with just one application. The powerful cream connects with the patio or paving slab surface and forms a ‘locked-in’ biocide that significantly reduces surface mould and algae development.

It does not leave any visible traces or changes in the patio’s look and feel. It also kills ingrained lichens, making it easier to apply non-damaging soft cleaning techniques. Because of it, a Roxil treated patio will require less upkeep and last longer than an untreated one.

Dramatically Reduce Moss, lichen & Algae Growth

Because moss, lichen, and black algae begin to grow on neglected patios, they soon become unsightly and unclean. Lichens that have deep roots, on the other hand, may be extremely hard to eliminate.

The patio or paving is coated with a durable, long-lasting finish that protects against the elements and pests. This coating also contains a ‘locked-in’ biocide, which increases biological growth on the surface of the patio or pavement dramatically. Any surface growth that does occur can be easily cleaned using Roxil Wood & Patio Cleaner.

Roxil – Longer Life

Due to ingrained dirt and biological growth, porous patio and paving materials can become filthy quickly. Pressure washers are frequently used to clean patio and paving surfaces because of the tenacious dirt.

Pressure washing may cause severe damage to a patio’s or paving slabs’ surface, as well as causing complete detachment of the mortar joints between them. The non-hardening, durable and long-lasting substance renders the treated patio or paved surface resistant to ingrained dirt and biological growth, allowing it to be cleaned with the safe and non-destructive Roxil Wood & Patio Cleaner.

Clear Patio Treatment – Maintain Natural appearance

Unlike traditional patio and paving preservers that create a sheen or ‘wet look’, Roxil Patio Cream penetrates and bonds deep into the substrate causing no visible alteration to the surface appearance.

24 hours after application the paving will have returned to its natural appearance. Over the course of the next few weeks, water-repellency will develop and visible beading will occur on the patio or paving surface during light rain showers.

Patio Protection – Prevent Patio Deterioration

A single coat of Roxil Patio Cream will migrate deep into the surface of the substrate, reducing biological growth and the need to clean. By removing the need to frequently pressure wash, surface wear and damage to mortar joints will be reduced. The waterproofing effect will reduce moisture content and prevent damage that can occur from the freeze/thaw cycles.

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