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Introducing the BrickFix Brand

We are excited to introduce the BrickFix brand to Ireland, and we welcome BrickFix to our list of high-quality masonry repair products.

The BrickFix range of masonry repair products is perfect for both construction and DIY industries. The BrickFix Masonry Crack Stitching Kit offers a fast and cost-effective solution for crack repair in masonry walls. The metal stitching kit allows cracks in masonry to be stabilised by bonding BrickFix Helical Bars into slots cut into the wall’s mortar course using specially formulated BrickFix CE1 Grout.

Another unique product of the BrickFix range is BrickFix CE1 Grout’s thixotropic formulation allows it to completely fill all voids into which it is injected. It develops compressive strength rapidly and is suitable for bonding metal components into most common masonry substrates such as brickwork, stonework, block-work, concrete, etc…

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