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Introducing the Roxil Brand

We are excited to introduce the Roxil brand, we are delighted to welcome Roxil to our range of top-quality timber treatment products and landscaping products.

The Roxil range of timber treatment products and landscaping products are perfect for both construction and DIY industries. The best paint for wood is Roxil Wood Protection Cream, which is a silicone cream emulsion that can be used to protect wood for ten years or more with just one application. Roxil Wood Protection Cream keeps wood looking its best by preventing it from absorbing moisture, which might cause deterioration, warping, and moss/algae growth.

Another unique product of the Roxil range is Roxil Patio Cream, is a water-proofing cream that protects paving from the elements, reduces biological growth and decreases the amount of maintenance required to keep your patio looking clean and pristine. A single coat will last up to 10 years and reduce the requirement to pressure wash which can erode the substrate and damage jointing.

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