No More Damp Renovation Plaster


  • Contains per lite for improved thermal performance.
  • Prevents formation of black mould.
  • Reduces risk of condensation.
  • Easy to use very light weight and premixed for quality control.
  • Prevents damp and salt migration.
  • Fibre reinforced – eliminates cracking.
  • Inhibits rusting of angle beads, conduits etc.
  • 20kg bag for safe manual handling.
No More Damp Renovation Plaster
No More Damp Renovation Plaster 39.00

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Wykamol Renovation Plaster is a BBA approved, fibre reinforced, lightweight, cement/lime plaster formulated for a range of applications, including replastering after the successful installation of a Wykamol chemical damp-proof course (DPC).

Wykamol No More Damp Renovation Plaster is designed to have similar properties to a 1:1:6 cement:lime:sand plastering mortar. Lightweight, perlite aggregates replace a portion of the sand to reduce heat loss and condensation.

Fibres are incorporated into the product to control shrinkage and improve flexural strength. In addition, special waterproofing additives along with a porous structure effectively control dampness and salt migration whilst allowing the wall to dry out.

Wykamol Renovation Plaster can also be used in conjunction with Wykamol’s basement systems such as HydraDry or Tanking Slurry.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 11 × 36 × 57 cm