Roxil Wood Preserver (5 L)


To get the best protection, apply Roxil Wood Preserver under a coat of Roxil Wood Protection Cream. This can extend the life of fences, sheds, and decking by providing maximum protection through a priming layer.

  • Protects against mould
  • Protects against rot and fungal attack
  • Eliminates woodworm
  • Ready for use
  • Increases lifetime of timber
  • Solvent-free primer
  • Ready-to-use
  • Compatible with Roxil Wood Protection Cream
Roxil Wood Preserver 5L - Toner Dampproofing Supplies Ltd
Roxil Wood Preserver (5 L) 33.28

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Roxil Wood Preserver

The Roxil Wood Preserver is a wood preservation primer that can be used before treating wood in outdoor settings. It is a preventative treatment to fight wood rotting fungi and wood boring insects on hard and soft woods, including fences, decking, sheds, and garden furniture. As a primer it must be over-coated.

To get the best protection, apply Roxil Wood Preserver under a coat of Roxil Wood Protection Cream. This can extend the life of fences, sheds, and decking by providing maximum protection through a priming layer.

Protect Garden Furniture Against Woodworm & Rot

As well as exposure from the elements, your precious outside furniture is also at risk from fungi, algae, lichen, rot and wood-boring beetles. Extend the life of your garden wood with Roxil Wood Preserver, an odourless and solvent-free preservative primer that defends against woodworm and rot.

Roxil Wood Preserver is a powerful and effective pre-treatment to prevent discolouration, decay and rotting fungi and wood-boring beetle infestation. Safeguard Europe’s water-based, odourless formulation absorbs deeply through wood to preserve its appearance and protect the structure. Suitable for all types of outdoor wood such as fencing, decking, sheds, playhouses and garden office spaces.

Additional information

Weight 5.46 kg
Dimensions 32 × 23.8 × 14.7 cm


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Application for Roxil Wood Preserver


Any paint, varnish, dirt or other surface coating should be removed before application, sanding may be required to return the wood to a sound surface. Wood should be clean and free from dust and other contaminants, use a suitable cleaner. If using a pressure washer ensure low pressure is used and allow 24 hours or more for timbers to fully dry before further treatment. Timber to be treated should be reasonably dry before treatment although the product will penetrate into damp timbers. Do not apply if rain is forecast in the next 48 hours to allow time for Roxil Wood Preserver to dry and the application of a top coat.


This product must only be used on outdoor wood which is not in direct contact with soil or surface water. Due to the biocidal components, this product is not suitable for outdoor tables which may come into contact with food. Roxil Wood Protection Cream is instead recommended for this application. Do not apply by spray.

Apply by brush onto timber at a rate of 5 m2 per litre. Apply in 2 – 3 coats depending on the porosity of the wood species.

After application tools should be cleaned immediately with warm, soapy water.


Roxil Wood Preserver must be overcoated when used outdoors. Roxil Wood Protection Cream is recommended as a suitable overcoat to give water repellent properties to the wood surface.

Allow the treated wood to fully dry, typically at least 24 hours, before applying Roxil Wood Protection Cream. Refer to Roxil Wood Protection Cream datasheet for full application instructions.

Other Information

Roxil Wood Preserver (BPR) has been authorised for use class 2 and use class 3.

Use class 2: situation in which the wood or wood-based product is under cover and not exposed to the weather (particularly rain and driven rain) but where occasional, but not persistent, wetting can occur.

Use class 3 (Must be overcoated): a situation in which the wood or wood-based product is above ground and exposed to the weather (particularly rain).

Roxil Wood Preserver is touch dry in 1 hour depending on wood and ambient conditions. Unprotected persons and animals, should be kept away from until dry. Avoid prolonged contact of pets, particularly cats, to treated surfaces. Low temperatures, increased humidity and ingredients of some wood types may increase drying time. Product should be suitable for over coating 24 hours after application depending on wood and ambient conditions.

This material and its container must be disposed of in a safe way (Hazard waste key: 020108). Do not empty into drains. Do not contaminate ground, waterbodies or watercourses with chemicals or used containers.

Datasheet & Downloads

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