Sentry Sump Twin Pump System


Sentry Sump Twin Pump
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Cavity drainage membranes (e.g. Oldroyd Xv Clear) work by diverting water ingress to a suitable drainage point. In basement waterproofing situations this will normally require the installation of one or more sump pumps. The sump system forms the heart of the waterproofing system, so it is essential to choose a system of adequate quality and pumping capacity.

The Sentry Sump System comprises of three standard models, each benefiting from a tough, purpose-designed 100-litre capacity sump chamber. The choice of model will based on two key considerations:

  • Anticipated water ingress
  • Potential consequences of basement flooding (risk vs cost)

Sentry Single – Entry-level system with single Ama-Drainer 303 sump pump and dual power alarm.

Sentry Twin – Includes two Ama-Drainer 303 sump pumps and a dual power alarm. Designed for use in situations where a higher level of water ingress is anticipated or where additional backup is required.

Sentry BB – Provides the same benefits and efficiency as the Sentry Single system, but with the added reassurance of a battery backup pump that is able to operate for a period of time in the event of a failure such as a power cut.

In some situations, e.g. large commercial basements, more than one Sentry Sump System may be required.

High-Capacity Pumps

All Sentry Sump Systems utilise the same Ama-Drainer 303 high-capacity pumps. These provide high pumping capacity even where water needs to be discharged several metres above pump level (a common requirement in basement waterproofing situations). The pumps are built to high engineering standards and feature built-in non-return valves.

Dual power Alarms

All models in the Sentry range feature dual-power alarms as standard. these alarms run on mains power but switch to battery power in the event of a power cut or other mains failure. The battery is trickle-charged and will last for several years before it needs replacing.