Anti-Mould Bundle – Dryzone 100 + Dryzone ACS Paint Additive


Solving condensation and mould issues can be difficult. The Dryzone range contains two excellent solutions for eliminating mould growth on walls and ceilings, even in areas with high levels of condensation.

  • Adds mould-resistance to paints, wallpaper pastes and tile grouts
  • Compatible with all types of paint (emulsion, vinyl, silk or matt)
  • Mould-resistance lasts for at least 5 years
  • Does not affect washability of the paint it is added to
  • 12 month shelf-life and easy storage
Anti-Mould Bundle - Dryzone100 + Dryzone ACS Paint Additive
Anti-Mould Bundle - Dryzone 100 + Dryzone ACS Paint Additive 21.59

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Use Dryzone Anti-Mould Bundle | Dryzone100 + Dryzone ACS Paint Additive

Before the application of either Dryzone Mould-Resistant Mould Emulsion Paint or Dryzone ACS Mould Eradication Additive can take place, the target application areas must be free of mould, dust and debris. It is recommended to use Dryzone 100 Mould-Killer Spray to carry out this cleaning.

Dryzone 100 Mould-Killer Spray is a high-effective biocidal surface cleaner that will kill mould and clean dust and dirt. It comes in 500 ml spray bottles and is the perfect preparation tool for ensuring a clean and sound application surface for Dryzone mould-resistant paint solutions.

Dryzone ACS Mould Eradication Additive

Dryzone ACS Mould Eradication Additive is a highly-effective biocidal additive liquid. It imparts paints, wallpaper pastes and tile grouts with mould-resistant properties. The special biocidal formula of the additive will resist the growth of mould in areas of persistent condensation for at least five years.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


Mould Killer Application

Application For Dryzone 100 Mould Killer

Prior to application, surfaces should be brushed to remove any loose material.

Dryzone100 Mould Killer can be applied by brush, roller or spray. Apply 1 litre of product per 5 m2 of surface

Care should be taken to ensure that Dryzone100 Mould Killer does not splash onto plants.

Leave Dryzone100 Mould Killer for 1 hour prior to washing off. A clean finish can be achieved by using a damp sponge
or cloth.

Other Information

This material and its container must be disposed of in a safe way. Do not empty into drains. Do not contaminate ground, waterbodies or watercourses with chemicals or used container. Once the container is empty, rinse out onto the treated surface prior to disposal. The empty container is suitable for recycling.

Store in a safe place. Keep away from food, drink and animal feedstuffs. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Unprotected persons and animals should be kept away from treated surfaces until dry. For full health and safety information consult Safety datasheet (available on request). Always read the label.

Dryzone 100 Mould Killer is produced in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental management systems.This product is approved under the Control of Pesticides Regulations (1986) for use as directed. HSE 10511. Use pesticides safely.

Anti-Mould Additive Application

Application For Dryzone ACS Paint Additive

Preparation is straightforward and very similar to normal good decorative practice.

Remove any loose material such as old paint, grease, dirt, mould or defective wallpaper. Dryzone 100 Mould Killer can be used for wetting mould-contaminated wallpaper prior to removing it.

  1. Make good any defects in the surface and rub down to a smooth finish.
  2. Wash and clean all surfaces (walls, ceilings, window frames and joinery) using Dryzone 100 Mould Killer. If necessary clean badly affected areas a second time.
  3. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  4. If necessary, apply an appropriate primer or sealer to new, unprimed or porous plaster and wooden surfaces or bare metal.

Datasheet & Downloads

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