Dryzone Anti Condensation Paint


Dryzone Anti Condensation Paint has been specifically designed to reduce condensation from forming on treated surfaces. The glass microspheres in the paint increase the time to condensation, reducing the likelihood of mould growth and creating a surface that is warmer to the touch. It can be applied by brush or roller and is for internal use.

  • Reduces condensation on treated surfaces
  • Helps to prevent mould and fungal growth
  • Creates a surface that is warmer to the touch
  • Matt finish
Dryzone Anti-Condensation Paint
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Dryzone Anti Condensation Paint

Condensation and the resulting mould growth are a typical problem for many, but they can lead to a variety of issues for property owners and building residents, including material deterioration, damp or musty smells, and the possibility of exacerbating existing medical conditions.

Dryzone Anti Condensation Paint has been developed to prevent condensation and mould growth on the inside of buildings. The paint is simply applied to clean and debris-free surfaces using a standard paintbrush or roller, as per standard decorating practice.

Glass Microsphere Technology

Dryzone Anti-Condensation Paint contains glass microspheres. These small engineered glass bubbles create stable voids within the paint which means it has lower thermal conductivity and higher infra-red reflectivity compared to a standard trade emulsion. It also has a breathable open pore structure that allows water vapour to pass through.

Moisture Buffering

The open-pore structure of anti-condensation paint means moisture does not easily form on the decorative surface.

Preservative Surface Effect

The preservatives contained within the paint discourage the growth of mould.

Thermal Effect

The microsphere technology has a thermal effect that causes the painted surface to be warmer to the touch.

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