Drybase Elasticiser


  • Strong adhesion
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Crack-bridging up to 0.8mm width
  • High performing adhesive for construction joint tape
Drybase Elasticiser
Drybase Elasticiser 179.40

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The liquid polymer component Drybase Elasticiser is used in Drybase Tanking Slurry. Drybase Elasticiser turns Drybase Tanking Slurry into a tanking slurry with increased elasticity and crack-bridging qualities when combined together. Drybase Elasticised Tanking Slurry can then be applied to concrete and masonry substrates, providing active and passive waterproofing for pressures up to 7 bar.
When the polymer admixture in Drybase Elasticiser is combined with the cement and graded quartz composition in Drybase Tanking Slurry, an Elasticised Tanking Slurry with outstanding final bonding ability for horizontal and vertical surfaces is formed. With Drybase Elasticiser, you can bridge minor fractures up to 0.8mm wide, seal potential cracking regions, and bond construction joint tape during the tanking process.