Drybase Universal Mortar


Drybase Universal Mortar is a cementitious, ready-mixed waterproofing and repair mortar. Drybase Universal Mortar is applied in layers of 6 to 12 mm thickness in one working cycle. This material is substantially resistant to abrasion and de-icing salt. Due to its composition, based on cement, graded quartz sand, and selected additives, Drybase Universal Mortar is waterproof. It is durable and resistant to frost after setting, and at the same time vapour permeable. Drybase Universal Mortar is tested for use in contact with drinking water.

  • Resistant to frost & de-icing salts
  • Repair & reprofile concrete, masonry & stone
  • For use against positive or negative water pressure
  • Suitable for contact with drinking water
  • Non-slump & high build
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces
Drybase Universal Mortar 25KG - Toner Dampproofing Supplies Ltd
Drybase Universal Mortar 70.19

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Drybase Universal Mortar

When repairing and waterproofing damaged concrete, masonry, or stonework, the mortar’s resistance is important. The stress applied to mortar by subsurface elements such as basements, swimming pools, and lift pits are even more intense.

Repair mortars are employed in some of the most demanding environments and weakest points of a building. You’ll need a mortar that can endure such an extreme condition.

Drybase Universal Mortar is a pre-blended cementitious waterproofing & repair mortar to maintain and renew the integrity of indoor and outdoor structures.

Repair & Waterproof Existing Structures

Drybase Universal Mortar’s cement and graded quartz sand-based composition makes it highly resistant to abrasion and frost, as well as waterproof.

It’s ideal for protecting key locations such as floor-to-wall junction fillet seals, concrete repairs, and shutter tie hole repairs. Reprofiling can be achieved through a layered application until the surface is smooth.

Single Coat Breathable Damp Proofing

Drybase Universal Mortar can be used as a single-coat tanking slurry and damp-proofing barrier. Drybase Universal Mortar will prevent wind-driven rain and outside water from causing penetrating damp.

The vapour permeability of a material is crucial for proper vapor passage, especially in damp and humid areas. The Drybase Universal Mortar is both vapour permeable and fully waterproof. In extreme environments like basements and tunnels, keep the humidity levels pleasant.

Additional information

Weight 25.4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 33 × 40 cm




Part Number




Effective Treatment


Size(s) & Packaging

25 kg PE-lined paper bag


EN 1504-3:2005/ZA.1a


Grey Powder


Store in a dry place

Shelf Life

12 months in unopened pack

Aggregate size dmax

2 mm


Approx. 2.1 kg/l

Compressive strength

approx. 40 MPa

Bending tensile strength

Approx. 6 MPa

Capillary absorption

0.08 kg/m2·h 0.5

Chloride ion content

≤ 0.05 %

Adhesive bond

≥ 2.0 MPa


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