Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane (2 m × 20 m)


Oldroyd XP Plaster Membrane
Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane (2 m × 20 m) 336.59

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Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane is a studded cavity drainage membrane incorporating a mesh welded to one side. This provides a key for plaster and render coats.

Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane is particularly suitable for applications such as covering damp and salt-contaminated internal walls. Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane can be used above or below ground, however we recommend that our technical department is consulted before using the product below ground.

The membrane is fixed directly to the wall using Oldroyd Plaster Plugs. Plaster can be applied directly to the membrane, or plasterboard can be affixed using a bonding compound with the dot and dab method.

The use of Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane in conjunction with lightweight plaster or plasterboard produces a “warmer” wall surface than is achived using dense sand-cement renders. For this reason Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane can play a role in dealing with condensation problems on walls. Details are available from our technical department on 01403 210204.

The membrane is available in 2 × 20 m2 (40 m2) rolls. An Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane Kit is also available which includes a 1.5 × 5 m (7.5 m2) roll and all required fixings and tapes.

Sections of Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane can be sealed using Oldroyd Double-Sided Sealing Tape or Oldroyd Sealing Rope. Where a double seal is required (e.g. radon protection) Oldroyd Fleece Overseal Tape can be used to provide an additional seal.

Typical areas of application include:

  • Covering damp & contaminated walls
  • Basement conversion projects
  • Barn conversion projects
  • Protection against penetrating damp

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