Drybase Flex Membrane (1.2 m × 15 m)


Drybase Flex Membrane

  • No need for plugs and drilling
  • No unnecessary penetration of membrane Accepts plaster finish directly
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Watertight
  • Fast application
Drybase Flex Membrane (1.2 m × 15 m) - Toner Dampproofing Supplies Ltd
Drybase Flex Membrane (1.2 m × 15 m) 178.13

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Drybase Flex Membrane

A watertight low-profile sheet membrane for protection against dampness in walls without the need to drill and install plugs. The membrane is a 1 mm thick flexible polypropylene sheet with a fleeced surface on both sides. The two fleeces ensure good adhesion to the wall by means of Drybase Flex Adhesive, as well as the direct application of plaster to the face.

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Drybase Flex Adhesive – Drybase Flex Adhesive is a cement-based product used to fix Drybase Flex Membrane to walls. It is supplied in powder form ready to be mixed with water, and applied using a suitable trowel.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 120 cm



Does not apply

Part Number




Effective Treatment

Damp Proofing, Waterproofing

Size(s) & Packaging

9.6 kg roll


Membrane with black fleece one side and grey fleece on the other


Dry conditions




1.5 mm


1 × 15 m

Salt Resistance


Tear Resistance

≥50 N

Coverage Calculator


Application For Drybase Flex Membrane


Before Drybase Flex Membrane can be applied, any structural defects on the substrate must be fixed. Clean the surface of the substrate to ensure maximum bonding of adhesive. Remove all surface laitance, loose particles, paint, etc. by means of wire brushing or light sandblasting.

Cut the membrane to the required area, making sure that there is a 25 mm gap between the floor and the membrane.


Once the Drybase Flex Adhesive has been applied to the wall, offer the Drybase Flex Membrane up to the adhesive and use a trowel to apply gentle pressure spreading from the centre outwards. Ensure that full contact is established between the membrane and the adhesive.

After the adhesive has cured overnight, surface finishes can be applied such as gypsum based plaster, prior to a skim finish.

Datasheet & Downloads

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