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Introducing the Oldroyd Brand

We are excited to introduce the Oldroyd brand to Ireland, we are delighted to welcome Oldroyd to our range of top-quality waterproofing products.

The Oldroyd range of cavity drainage products and cementitious coatings products is perfect for both construction and DIY industries. Oldroyd Xv 20 has a higher stud profile (20 mm) than our Oldroyd Xv Clear and Oldroyd Xv Black Membranes. This allows for greater flow capacity behind the membrane than can be achived using cavity drainage membranes with a lower stud height. Oldroyd Xv 20 is most typically used on floors, particularly on larger basement waterproofing projects. However it can also be used on walls.

Another unique product of the Oldroyd range is Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane is a studded cavity drainage membrane incorporating a mesh welded to one side. This provides a key for plaster and render coats. Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane is particularly suitable for applications such as covering damp and salt-contaminated internal walls. Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane can be used above or below ground, however we recommend that our technical department is consulted before using the product below ground.

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