Drybase Waterproof Plug


Drybase Waterproof Plug is an easily mixed powder that reacts with water to generate a thick paste that may be used directly to plug holes, fissures and areas of seepage. The powerful waterproof formula gets to work right away, setting in 30 seconds for a long-lasting water-resistant seal. Fix leaks in trouble areas such vertical joints, fractured pipes and holes in concrete. Fill holes in swimming pools, garden ponds, and water features, and anywhere else where a leak needs to be stopped right away.

  • High-performance plugging compound
  • Ready to mix
  • Stop active water leaks on concrete, stone and masonry
  • Rapid 30 second setting time
  • Plugging water leaks and seepage
  • Sealing leaking cracks
  • Sealing wet surfaces
  • Plugging leaks in earthenware pipes
  • Caulking tunnel segment joints
  • Fixings in water structures where immediate use is required
Drybase Waterproof Plug
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Drybase Waterproof Plug

The necessity to fill cracks and holes and prevent water from seeping is a urgent problem that demands an immediate solution. Drybase Waterproof Plug is a ready-to-mix and fast-setting cementitious compound that seals water leaks in their tracks with an instant strengthening formulation.

The Drybase Waterproof Plug is a quickly prepared powder that mixes with water to form a thick paste that may be used to fill holes, cracks, and leaks. The fast-acting, waterproof formula works instantly, forming a long-lasting seal against water flow in just 30 seconds. Repair leaks in problem areas such as vertical joints, cracked pipes, and holes in concrete. Repair holes in swimming pools, garden ponds, and water features – wherever a leak must be immediately repaired.

Fast Acting – 30 seconds to set

The Drybase Waterproof Plug is simple to use and sets in 30 seconds. Simply combine as much as you’ll need with water. To secure adhesion, work the mixture into the space and hold it there for 30 seconds. Water will be prevented from entering as soon as possible.Excess material can be levelled off with a trowel following setting.

Drybase Waterproof Plug can also be applied in dry form to add a measure of waterproofing to substrates where a single cause of water seepage cannot be found.

Tough Protection For Any Area

The erosion-resistant mortar is highly effective for elements affected by rain and for the shoring of canal sealing.

Drybase Waterproof Plug may also be used to repair cracks and flaws in water-retaining structures like bunds or water tanks. Plug leaks in cracked earthenware pipes.

Water ingress can be immediately stopped in small areas where steel contacts concrete to prevent erosion prior to concrete repair.

No Leak To Big – No Leak To Small

The Drybase Waterproofing Plug can be used for any repairs. It can seal earthenware pipes, as well as stone, concrete, and masonry.

Fix leaking cracks in pipes, glazed wall tiles & stone shower trays as well as on bigger projects like tunnel segment joint caulking & subsurface structure repairs like ponds, swimming pools & lift pits.

Additional information

Size: No selection

15KG, 7.5KG

Brand: No selection


GTIN: No selection

Does not apply

Part Number: No selection

DB-WPP-15, DB-WPP-3, DB-WPP-7.5

Manufacture: No selection


Effective Treatment: No selection

Resistance to water, Waterproofing

Size(s) & Packaging: No selection

25 kg PE-lined paper bag

Accreditation: No selection

CE, EN 1504-3:2005/ZA.1a

Appearance: No selection

Grey Powder

Storage: No selection

Store in a dry place

Shelf Life: No selection

12 months in unopened pack

Aggregate size dmax: No selection

2 mm

Density: No selection

Approx. 2.1 kg/l

Working time: No selection

approx. 45 min

Setting time: No selection

Approx. 5 – 6 h

Compressive strength: No selection

approx. 40 MPa

Bending tensile strength: No selection

Approx. 6 MPa

Capillary absorption: No selection

0.08 kg/m2·h 0.5

Chloride ion content: No selection

≤ 0.05 %

Adhesive bond: No selection

≥ 2.0 MPa