NOPE! CP Clothes Moth Spray 500ml


On-the-spot action – destroys clothes moths when they come into contact with it.
Effect lasts for approximately 3 months.
Antimicrobial properties
Safe to use at home
Formulation with no odour

NOPE! CP Clothes Moth Spray 500ml
NOPE! CP Clothes Moth Spray 500ml 15.59

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Tiny winged creatures lurk in the dark corners of your closet, basement, or attic, feeding on fabric! Clothes moths could be to blame if you’ve noticed a lot of tiny holes in your clothes. Clothes moths prefer warm, centrally heated homes, and their larvae eat many types of organic fibres. With NOPE! CP Moth Killer Spray, you can prevent and stop irreversible damage to your clothing, upholstery, and carpets. NOPE!’s non-staining cypermethrin-based solution replicates the naturally occurring insecticidal qualities of part of the Chrysanthemum flower to attract clothing moths and destroy the infestation.

As part of a larger pest control strategy, CP Moth Killer Spray can be used in conjunction with NOPE! Moth Killer Paper Booklets.
Try NOPE! for fast help against other frequent household hazards.