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Ultrotherm Application Guidelines

Ultrotherm is supplied as convenient, flexible tiles that allow it to be installed around awkward shapes and curves. Ultrotherm tiles are simply stuck onto prepared walls using Ultrotherm Adhesive. Once applied, the Ultrotherm Tiles can simply be plastered over to create a wall surface ready for decoration – e.g. using Dryzone System Mould Resistant Paint.

Accessories such as trim beads are available to simplify installation around skirting boards, coving, and window reveals.

Ultrotherm Adhesive
Ultrotherm Adhesive (10 kg) 74.88

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Protecting Against Condensation and Mould Growth

Mould growth caused by condensation is a major problem in the UK. The primary methods of preventing it are increasing the surface temperatures of walls and improving ventilation.

Installation of the Ultrotherm System increases the surface temperature of walls by insulating them – therefore reducing the risk of condensation. In most cases the installation of the Ultrotherm System will be enough to prevent condensation and mould growth. However it can also be used in conjunction with Dryzone System Mould Resistant Paint and ventilation measures such as Humidistat Fans.

Ultrotherm System Components

  • Ultrotherm 12 mm thick tiles. Each tile measures 1000 × 500 mm. Supplied in packs of 10 (covering 5 m2)
  • Ultrotherm 8 mm thick reveal tiles (for insulating window and door reveals). Each tile measures 1000 × 230 mm. Supplied in packs of 5 (covering 1.15 m2)
  • Ultrotherm Adhesive. Used for bonding Ultrotherm tiles. Supplied in 10 kg tubs (covers up to 10 m2)
  • Ultrotherm Detail Adhesive. Used for bonding Ultrotherm trim beads and angle beads. Supplied in 300 ml tubes (covers up to 0.3 m2)
  • Ultrotherm Insulated Plastic Trim Beads. For use around window and door frames to reduce cold bridging. Also allow windows and doors to be replaced without damaging the insulation system. Supplied in 2.5 m lengths.
  • Ultrotherm Plastic Angle Beads. For use around all external angles. Supplied in 2.5 m lengths.
  • Dryzone System Mould-Resistant Emulsion Paint. High performance mould resistant emulsion paint recommended for use when decorating over the Ultrotherm System in rooms susceptible to condensation and mould growth. Supplied in 5 litre pails.