Vandex PK75 (10 kg)


Vandex PK 75
Vandex PK75 (10 kg) 216.16

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Vandex PK75 is a liquid polymer that is added to Vandex BB75 to form an elasticised waterproofing slurry known as Vandex BB75-E. One pack of Vandex PK75 is used for each 25 kg bag of Vandex BB75.

The addition of the PK75 polymer provides elasticity and enhanced crack-bridging properties to the waterproofing slurry which has been successfully tested up to 7 bar. Areas of application include:

  • Wall-floor junction in basement conversion projects
  • Surface waterproofing of internal or external walls
  • Areas experiencing cracking – e.g. construction joints
  • Areas where cracks or small deformations can occur – e.g. in tunnels and shafts
  • Adhesive for Vandex Construction Joint Tape

Vandex BB75-E (i.e. Vandex BB75 with PK75 additive) is CE marked in compliance with EN1504-2.

Vandex PK75 can also be added to Vandex BB75-Z to form an elasticised version of the slurry known as Vandex BB75-E-Z. However, Vandex PK75 should not be used with Vandex BB White.

Where a lower-cost elasticising additive is required Vandex Cemelast should be considered.