Drybase Liquid-Applied DPM


Drybase Liquid-Applied DPM is a single-pack barrier coating for above ground use. It is supplied ready to use. It is available in black or white with a consistency similar to that of thick emulsion paint.

  • Damp-proof barrier
  • Gas and radon barrier
  • Water-based single pack system
  • Easy to apply
  • Wet to dry colour change (Drybase black)
Drybase Liquid-Applied DPM White & Black - Toner Dampproofing Supplies Ltd
Drybase Liquid-Applied DPM 64.99

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Drybase Liquid-Applied DPM

Drybase Liquid-Applied DPM is a one-pack barrier coating that is completely ready to use. It’s available in black or white, and it has a texture comparable to thick emulsion paint. The liquid damp proofing membrane is applied in two applications.

Drybase Liquid DPM hardens to form a flexible and elastic membrane after it has been applied. Drybase Liquid-Applied DPM is a water-based product that may be applied to wet surfaces using a brush, roller, or spray. In an hour or less, the applied DPM is touch-dry.

Drybase liquid-applied DPM forms a barrier against damp, moisture and ground gases (including radon, carbon dioxide, and methane).

Easy to Apply and Ready to Use

Drybase Liquid-Applied DPM is a pre-prepared solution that does not require additional components or ingredients to be mixed in. Simply apply to any clean and laitance-free surface with a paintbrush or roller.

Quick Drying Two Coat Application

A coat of Drybase Liquid-Applied DPM will generally be touch-dry within one hour after it has been applied. This means multiple coats can be applied in a single day to reach the designated material weight.

Ideal Primer for Tile Adhesive Or Screed

As it dries, Drybase Liquid Applied DPM is tacky when applied. If a screed or tiles are to be installed, a final coat can be used as a primer.

Available in 2 Colours – Black or White

Drybase Liquid-Applied Drybase DPM is available in black or white to suit your preferences.

If ordered in black colour, it is dark blue when first applied but turns black when dry so you can see where it is ready for another coat or has become touch-dry.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Colour: No selection

Black, White

Brand: No selection


GTIN: No selection

5060132760642, 5060132761281

Part Number: No selection


Manufacture: No selection


Effective Treatment: No selection

Damp Proofing, Rising Damp, Waterproofing

Size(s) & Packaging: No selection

5 litre plastic bucket

Appearance: No selection

Dark blue or white thick liquid

Storage: No selection

Dry conditions at 5 °C to 35 °C.

Shelf Life: No selection

18 months

Recipe Type: No selection


Density: No selection

1.0 g/cm3

Coverage: No selection

4.5 m2 per 5 litres (Vapour Barrier), 7 – 9 m2 per 5 litres (General Purpose)

Active Ingredient(s): No selection

Styrene butadiene latex

Water (liquid) Resistance: No selection

20 metre head (positive pressure)

Water Vapour Permeability: No selection

< 4 g/m2/24 hours at 25 °C/75 % RH following BS 3177

Methane Resistance: No selection

10 times more resistant than LDPE

Radon Resistance: No selection

Radon barrier at 2 mm thickness

Tensile Adhesion Strength: No selection

4 N/mm2


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