Dryshield Cream


Dryshield Cream

Dryshield Cream is a breathable, salt-resistant and water-repellent cream that acts as a primer for Drygrip Adhesive. It forms part of the Dryzone System for faster replastering after rising damp treatment.

When applied to walls contaminated with groundwater salts from rising damp, Dryshield Cream functions by hydrophobing the surface and weakening the crystallisation strength of salts which may form in or at the masonry surface. The wall can dry out and potentially damaging salts are kept away from plasterboard and other decorative finishes. For internal use only.

Dryzone Dryshield Cream
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Dryshield Cream

The Dryzone Express Replastering System is the fast, clean and modern way to replaster a wall after the treatment of rising damp. The system utilises a salt inhibitor cream and a salt & damp resistant adhesive to adhere plasterboard to salt contaminated walls.

Before the advent of the Dryzone – Express Replastering System, replacing the decorative surface after a rising damp treatment required several layers of render and plaster to be applied. This process takes at least 3 days, is messy and takes considerable experience in order to get right.

A rising damp and replastering treatment can now be completed in under 24 hours, using the Dryzone Replastering System. All the components of the system have been designed and formulated to create a long lasting and cost effective decorative surface.

Components & Coverage

Dryshield Cream:

An effective salt inhibitor cream, for use on walls contaminated with salts, as a result of rising damp. It resists the formation of salts in, or at, the masonry surface, without the need for a sand:cement render and acts as a primer for Dryzone Salt & Damp Resistant Adhesive.

Available in 3 and 5 litre tubs – Coverage rate of 5 m2 per litre – Brush or roller applied

Drygrip Adhesive:

A salt and damp resistant adhesive glue for fixing plasterboard directly to masonry surfaces. It is specifically formulated to work on walls treated with Dryzone Salt Inhibitor Cream. It is also effective as a general use adhesive.

Available in 600 ml foil sausages, for use with the Dryzone High Viscosity Applicator Gun – Coverage rate of 1 to 2 sausages per 2.8 m2 plasterboard

Dryzone Plasterboard Positioning Plugs:

50 mm × 5.5 mm plastic positioning plugs. They are used to set the air gap between the board and the wall before the Dryzone Adhesive cures.

Available in boxes of 50 plugs – Coverage rate of 4 to 6 plugs per plasterboard.

The 5.5 mm Dryzone System Drill Bit can be used to drill the holes for these plugs.

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