No Hydro Damp Proof Cream DPC


  • Protection against rising damp
  • Spillage and mess eliminated
  • Tested on wide range of substrates

Eliminate rising damp with No Hydro’s high-performance damp proof injection cream specially made for damp proofing.

No Hydro DPC is a high-strength damp proofing cream, with high active ingredients, ready-to-use silane/siloxane damp proof injection cream that has been designed to create an effective barrier against rising damp in existing buildings. No Hydro high strength damp proofing cream is injected into the mortar course between the brick course via 12mm holes created to treat affected walls. No Hydro Damp Proof Injection is extremely easy to apply and does not require much technical knowledge or experience.

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Effective Rising Damp Treatment

Effective Rising Damp Treatment - No Hydro Damp Proof Cream DPCNo Hydro Damp Proofing Cream (DPC) was developed after years of research and development into damp proofing injection techniques. No Hydro was designed with both DIY and professional contractors in mind.

The cream can be injected with exceptional results while protecting against rising damp. With No Hydro high-performance damp proofing injection cream, you’ll feel confident working anywhere and anytime.

Once injected all the ingredients activate and spread through the pores of the cement motor line, with the specially formed ingredients it cures to form a physical damp proof course protecting the treated walls against rising damp

No Hydro DPC Cream is simply injected into pre-drilled holes along the continuous mortar line 4 inches apart.

Treating Rising Damp With A Damp Proof Course

Treating Rising Damp with a DPC - No Hydro Damp Proof Cream DPC

The most effective and economical way to treat rising damp is with a damp-proofing injection cream. The cream is injected or hand-pumped into specially positioned holes in the mortar course using a standard mastic gun for the 380ml cartridge and a pump for the 5ltrs of No Hydro damp proof course injection cream.

What Is Rising Damp

What Is Rising Damp - No Hydro Damp Proof Cream DPCRising damp is when groundwater rises up load-bearing walls in capillary action through the fine capillaries and pores of brick and mortar in a wick effect in walls that have no original DPC installed during the construction of a property.

The groundwater rising contains ground salts which are nitrates and chlorides. It is these ground salts that cause the contaminated plaster. These ground salts are hygroscopic and naturally absorb and hold moisture causing the walls to become highly saturated, contaminating plaster, and causing the skirting boards to decay and rot as they are against damp walls.

Replastering After Installing No Hydro Damp Proof Course

High Specification Salt Inhibitor - No Hydro Salt Inhibitor

With all remedial damp-proofing systems, it is important to remove and replace any salt-contaminated plaster.

When replastering you can use No Hydro Salt Inhibitor, our salt inhibitor is a high-specification plaster additive for use in sand-cement renders after the installation of a remedial damp proof course.

The Importance Of Effective Rising Damp Treatment

RISING DAMP AND CONTROLLING IT - NO HYDRO DAMP PROOF COURSE DPCNaturally, homeowners want the best available solutions for treating rising damp in their homes. The use of a No Hydro Chemical Damp Proof Course in a property prevents moisture from passing, builds up a barrier against ground salts. No Hydro Damp Proofing Cream has been formulated to form an effective rising damp treatment in walls of all types, this is critical because no two walls affected by rising damp are alike.

Easy, Fast, Clean and Effective Damp Proofing – Packed in 380ml cartridges or 5L bags for easy use, No Hydro Damp Proof Cream is a versatile damp proof injection cream which is a high strength cream with a high percentage of active ingredient that can be used for small DIY projects to large damp proofing jobs. No Waiting, No Spillage, No electric Pumps or specialist equipment required.

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